Randal S. Fletcher F JOIFF currently serves as the Chairman of JOIFF.  He is the Global Response Advisor for BP PLC. within Intelligence, Security and Crisis Management, serving at the group level.

He has served within various roles and locations in crisis Management and Emergency response during his tenure including the Asia Pacific and Indian sub-continent region, Australia, and the US.  He has served at every level of emergency response.  He currently advises and assures BP’s global portfolio’s response capability.  He has served several training organizations including  the Ohio State Fire Academy, UNLV, TEEX, QFRS, CEFS and Director of the corporate training programs for BP plc. and various other locations globally.  He has also served in various Business Management capacities and engineering positions, served as an Advisor to FAS, and served in the Military.  He holds a degree in Organizational Management, and International Studies, including various certifications.


BP Group Fire Advisor, Executive Director of JOIFF

Group Fire Advisor for BP International Ltd. Responsible for providing strategic direction with respect to Fire & Explosion Hazard Management and Fire Engineering for the Company. A Chartered Engineer with 35 years’ experience in High Hazard Industry Kevin has distinguished himself as a practitioner and academic in all aspects of Industrial Fire Hazard Management. As expert in his field Kevin has provided technical advice and managed many significant emergencies.



Alec Feldman is JOIFF Director of Organisational Management and Chief Executive of Fulcrum Consultants who were appointed JOIFF Secretariat in 2001. Alec graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a Bachelor of Business Studies and Master of Arts (Business) degrees.


Alec has extensive experience in many aspects of the Fire Sector Worldwide having worked in different capacities in the Sector for many years, including a period of manufacturing protective clothing for firefighters.

He is a Fellow of JOIFF, a Fellow of the Institution of Fire Engineers and a member of ASTM International. He is author of the JOIFF Handbook on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect against Heat and Flame, a member of the Technical Committees dealing with PPE against Heat and Flame in CEN and ISO – the European and International Standards Bodies – and is a member of a number of Technical Committees of the National Fire Protection Association (USA) including the NFPA Technical Correlating Committee on Professional Qualifications.

He is a member of the Advisory Committee for Fire Services of the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) and was Chairman of the NSAI Working Group which drew up the Irish standard IS 291:2015 Selection, Commissioning, Installation, Inspection and Maintenance of Portable Fire Extinguishers.




Gerry is JOIFF Director of Standards of Training and Competence and a Director of Fulcrum Consultants, the Joiff Secretariat.

With more than 45 years of fire service experience primarily in the Aviation Sector, Gerry was promoted through the ranks to Chief Fire Officer, a position he held at two major International Airports operating  to ICAO category 9.

He retired from full time service as CFO at the large Airport and High Hazard Industrial Site owned by British Aerospace & Rolls Royce at Filton near Bristol.

Gerry oversees the development and operation of competency based training programmes for Fulcrum Consultants.

Gerry has played a key role in the development of JOIFF accredited training, which is a system of quality control aimed at providing a minimum standard of industrial emergency response training

for competence within  recognised Health & Safety and good industry practice and he currently oversees it’s operation.

He has represented JOIFF on the UK National Committee dealing with Fire & Rescue Occupational Standards and the Energy Institute working group carrying out the revision of Model Code of Safe Practice part 19: Fire Precautions at Petroleum refineries and bulk storage installations, he was also a member of the Safety Executive Chemical and Pipelines Planning and Liaison Group. (CPLG)